Introducing "Wrenchy"

Your Ultimate Discord Companion
for Smooth Management and Memorable Moments

Step into the world of "Wrenchy"!

This versatile Discord bot is here to transform your server experience. It effortlessly combines powerful moderation tools, engaging mini-games, fun commands, and insightful information retrieval


Elevate your server members expirence by introducing Wrenchy's MiniGame commands. This is sure to entertain server members for days upon end!

Creative Miscellany

Spark up discussions and brain storms with Wrenchy's "Suggest" features! Servers & Members from all of discord are sure to have an enchanced expirence!

Funtime Features

Embrace the fun features of Wrenchy! with comands like 8ball, Morse code decryption/encryption & a Virtual PP cacluator will assure you have endelss fun!


With Wrenchy you can take back control of your own server and assure that all members good & bad get fairly treated with easy to use punishment management!

Anime features!

All users who LOVE Anime will love the features Wrenchy provide. Wrenchy will provide endless amounts of joy and messing around for all anime lovers!

Enlightening Info

With Wrenchy you have the power to discover as much as possible about your server, users & more! Wrenchy displays only relevant information to users!


Helping users around the world have an even better time on discord!